Blood Collector


The PBS-000 is safe and simple to use.  First, the user uploads the PreciHealth Patient Companion application, PPC 1.0.  S/he then takes a selfie and also uploads a government-issued ID.   Using these two pieces of ID, the user’s identity is authenticated.

Next, the user opens the package and scans the QR code of the kit.  The user is then provided with step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the process. Once the device is placed on the arm, it is activated by pressing the yellow button.  The flash window shows the blood flow and turns red.  The user then presses the green button to initiate blood collection. The application’s timer informs the user once the vile is sufficiently full.

Throughout the process, selfies are taken, which show both the user’s face and the device on their body. These images are used to validate the process.  At the end of the process, the application helps the user to ship the blood sample, and later notifies him/her of the test results.

Research Use Only Prototypes – Under Development  

High Blood VoLUME

Up to 2 ml of blood can be collected in a single session

Simple to use

The devices are activated using a slight press of the index finger

Fast treatment

Treatment takes only 10 minutes and is safe and painless

Mass screening

The platfrom is ideal for mass population screening

Innovative Technology

Our innovative technology includes a micro-lancet that creates a minute incision in the skin. The lancet is operated with very little force and the incision is sufficient to draw significant quantities of capillary blood within a short period of time.