patched micro Injectors

Patched & wearable Prefilled Micro-Injectors

The home diagnostic market is rapidly expanding and includes treatment of chronic conditions, diseases that require frequent medications, and easy to transport drugs such as allergy medications.  We have identified over 100 drugs that are suitable for our auto-injector delivery system. For optimal drug delivery, our system can target either the subcutaneous or intramuscular tissue.

One of the main differentiators of our wearable and patched prefilled micro-injectors is that they are very user friendly.  They use an invisible needle that leaves no marks on the skin, and are therefore ideal for patients with ‘needle phobia’. Treatment is comfortable and fast, and patients use a step-by-step application that guides them throughout the process.


Our micro-sized devices are lightweight and simple to transport

Simple to use

The devices are activated using a slight press of the index finger

no needle phobia

Our needle is invisible and leaves no mark on the skin

any body part

Treatment can be administered on any part of the body

Innovative Technology

Our platforms incorporate micromechanics and microfluidics technologies.

We have created a unique ‘Piece and Draw’ mechanism that enables our micro sized needles to pierce the skin, draw blood and withdraw, all within in a single and automated action.

One of the key differentiators of our self-injection devices is that the needle penetrates the skin at an oblique angle.  This ensures a pain-free treatment experience and prevents any needle injuries. 



Capacity: 1000-2500 µL


Capacity: 50 µL


Capacity 25 µL


Capacity: 25 µL