Our Solutions

At Home Self-Blood Collection System

Blood sampling is the gateway to identifying many illnesses at their onset.  Unfortunately, due to low compliance, many illnesses are undetected at their preliminary stages.

Our at-home blood collection system is designed to increase compliance, enabling patients to safely and effectively draw blood in an easy and safe manner.  The platform meets the strictest laboratory blood sampling requirements and faultlessly identifies the user.

At Home Self-Vaccination System

Our advanced self-vaccination platform enables HMOs to optimally perform and manage mass vaccinations.  

The user’s identity is authenticated using our designated application and the procedure itself is fast, painless and safe. Upon completion, the application issues a certification for the procedure and sends the information to the HMO’s database.

Prefilled Auto-injectors

Wearable and patch therapeutic devices have already begun to change the way care is provided and their proliferation is expected to rapidly increase.  

Our wearable and patch auto-injectors offer a superior user experience that is simple, safe and pain free.  Importantly, our software prevents any patient mix up and documents the entire procedure.