About us

Preci-HealthTM is revolutionizing the landscape of medical care by providing accessible, safe and virtually painless
solutions for blood sampling and injections – anytime, anywhere. Our vision is to ensure every individual has the tools needed to manage their health
with unprecedented accuracy and ease – ultimately, leading to informed decision making and improved healthcare outcomes.

At the core of Preci-HealthTM‘s groundbreaking offerings is our flagship product, ezdrawTM – a multi-tube blood sampler designed to shatter accessibility
constraints within the market. Capable of multi-tube extraction with a single, high-volume draw – ezdrawTM is specifically compatible with standard
vacutainers to match existing workflows in laboratories and other healthcare settings. Supported by an AI-driven companion application with cutting-
edge facial recognition technology, ezdrawTM also offers an unprecedented patient authentication process and real-time guidance for precision and
enhanced user experience. With ezdrawTM, Preci-HealthTM not only provides a product, but also leads a revolution setting new accessibility, efficiency,
and accuracy guidelines for the blood collection industry.

Our dedication to democratizing healthcare extends beyond our suite of intuitive, patient-centric solutions. We are a team of experienced healthcare
and technology leaders, across multiple disciplines and with several decades of expertise – all who understand that sustained change must come from
building a new standard of care, together. Preci-HealthTM brings together individuals, healthcare providers, laboratories, and innovators to improve
access, collaborate and ultimately, usher in a healthier population. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine healthcare together.

We are improving the health of the population,
one blood-draw at a time

Blood collection

Testing for, and management
of, illness relies on sufficient
blood sampling tools

Knowledge management

Health data gathered from
testing leads to early diagnosis
and cost reduction

Healthier population

Enhanced care delivery, monitoring
capabilities, and ongoing health management
resulting in improved population health

Board of Directors

Management Team