Single use,
needle-free, blood draw
anytime, anywhere

Comprehensive blood collection,
with swift integration into existing lab processes

ezdrawTM Blood Sampler supports multi-tube, high volume extraction with a single draw, streamlining processes
for laboratories and healthcare providers to redefine the standards of care

Intuitive, user-friendly process
to be used in Point of Care* or at home

Empowered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms to ensure real-time guidance and world-class authentication
1. Authentication
2. Activation
Multi-tube per draw
3. Extraction
4. Completion
* Under HCP supervision

The ezdrawTM Solution
a unique combination of unparalleled capabilities

High capillary blood collection

1.5-4ml per draw with 2 tubes
1.5 to 4ml per blood draw

Seamless lab workflow integration

Utilizing standard-sized vacutainers
Standard lab tubes for seamless lab automation

Supporting multi-panel testing
and nearly all blood tests

Enabling multi-tube collection in a single draw
High blood volume collection

Optimized adherence and compliance

Simple operation, self-administered or
assisted, with an AI-driven companion app
AI-companion app for patient guidance and authentication

Empowering individuals more freedom
to choose when and where to sample their blood

Patient Centric

Suitable for all patients
Needle-free, safe, and virtually
painless blood testing with a real-
time, intuitive AI-based guidance


Compatible with nearly all blood
panels, in a single draw


Self-administered or assisted.
Location-agnostic: at point of care
or anywhere else

ezdrawTM Companion App

A self-administered, AI-driven companion app with computer vision technology
expanding reliable and authenticated blood collection outside the clinic.
PreciPal AI-companion app for patient guidance and authentication
User-friendly, real-time,
step-by-step guidance and
safety monitoring for
maximal patient adherence
and compliance with the IFUs
World-class authentication of
patient, device, and sample,
with procedure certification
for fraud control
No wireless or Bluetooth
connectivity for optimal user
experience at minimal cost