Our Products

Our product line enables
decentralized healthcare
ezdraw blood collection

ezdrawTM Solution

ezdrawTM Blood Sampler supports multi-tube, high volume extraction
with a single draw, streamlining processes for laboratories and
healthcare providers to redefine the standards of care
PreciPal AI-companion app

PreciPal Companion App

PreciPal is a self-administered AI-driven companion application, improving
the authentication, reliability and adoption of mobile health delivery in
and out of the clinic. It’s advanced biometrics analysis, computer vision
and facial recognition technologies and intuitive step-by-step guide,
ensure real time analysis and unprecedented patient authentication –
with a PreciHealth product or licensed to an external solution provider.
Modern Smartphone
No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
connectivity required
HMO Database
Simple to use
& low cost
AI-driven image
processing & color coding
User & device
Safety monitoring
& risk reduction
Certification based on
proprietary cryptograph

Micro-Dosage Auto-Injectors

Our suite of auto-injectors supports a dosage range from 130 mm3 to 30m m3
and are designed to enable portable, simple, and convenient injection in
any location. Virtually painless, our unique ‘Piece and Draw’ mechanism
allows our micro sized needles to pierce and withdraw from the skin swiftly
and with little to no trace.
to Use

Self-Vaccination System

Our self-vaccination solution ensures the safe and effective delivery of a
vaccine – regardless of location. Virtually painless and accompanied with a
user guide and authentication, the self-vaccination tool helps safeguards the
population at large by limiting the risk of spreading a disease or pandemic.