Our Products


We have developed a variety of auto-injector products with different volumetric capabilities ranging from 130 mm3 to 30 mm3.  The injectors are designed primarily for self-vaccination and remote treatment. The devices are easy to carry and treatment administration is simple and safe.

The small size of our products enables them to seamlessly integrate into other platforms such as medical devices, robotics, microsurgery tools and endoscopes, telemedicine IoT and veterinary applications.

Capillary Blood Collectors

Our device creates lateral micro-lacerations that facilitate fast, simple, and safe self-collection of blood. It is taped or clipped onto the body and is capable of extracting between 150 μl to 2 ml of blood. 

The blood can be immediately used for antibody (serologic) point of care tests or diagnostic home tests. 

The blood collectors are ideal for mass population screening and the process meets standard automated blood laboratory requirements.  

Patient Authentication & Guidance App

All of our devices communicate with a dedicated authentication software that faultlessly identifies each patient and prevents patient mix-up. 

The application provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to perform the procedure.    

Users receive a certification as soon as the process is finalized.  The data can be used stand-alone or integrated into the HMO database.