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Our Solutions

At Home Self-Vaccination System

Our platform enables safe and user friendly at-home mass vaccinations. The system authenticates and certifies each vaccination and updates the HMO database. Unlike current vaccinations, our solution is ideal for patients in self-isolation and prevents the spread of infectious diseases in mass vaccination sites.

Micro Prefilled Auto-Injectors

We have designed wearable and patch prefilled auto-injectors that enable a wide variety of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to penetrate subcutaneous or intramuscular tissue. Our auto-injectors are unique since they are micro-sized, a feature which makes them very lightweight and easy to use.

At Home Self-Blood Collection System

Our solution revolutionizes blood collection and offers an alternative to in-clinic procedures. We offer a complete end-to-end solution in which the blood is collected, authenticated, packaged and certified. Our device is unique since it is capable of collecting a large volume of blood within a relatively short period.

Devices currently available for Research Use Only

Why We are Unique

Micromechanics & Microfluidics Technologies

Our proprietary technology enables micro sized needles and lancets to penetrate the skin with unprecedented precision using very low force. We offer the only solution in which the needle penetrates the skin at an oblique angle which eliminates any needle injuries. The needle automatically pierces and draws blood in a single action.

Highest Level of Authentication

Our unique biometric recognition authentication technology identifies the user with 99.98% accuracy, and prevents any fraud relating to user identify. It uses state-of-the-art algorithms capable of accurately identifying a person regardless of changes in age.
The authentication software issues a certification after the procedure has been completed and updates the HMO database. 

Enhanced Usability

Every device is designed with the patient as the intended end-user. Ergonomics, demographics, and comorbidities are carefully scrutinized during the industrial design process, resulting in devices that are attractive in appearance while being extraordinarily easy, safe and reliable to operate.

"PreciHealth's platform can transform the way we deliver drugs and sample blood.  Its authentication system and devices enable effective treatment of mass populations  making it a true game-changer in the industry"

Dr. Martin Lees MBBCH FRCA



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